I didn't know a Tellicherry peppercorn from a telephone pole. So when my friend from India started telling me about some incredible peppercorns growing near his home in Kerala, you could say I was reluctant. My friend Barton Landsman helped me bring the story of the company to life in this short film.

Food Craftsmen

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Foodcraftsmen Interview Parts 1 & 2 (Learn Why I Hate the “F” Word)

I was recently interviewed by Ryan Parker of the Food Craftsmen podcast series. I explain why I hate the “F” word (“foodie”). I also talk about the inception of the company as well as the viral video that I made with my friend Barton Landsman in Hollywood last year. It was a nice opportunity to tell the […]

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USDA Organic

What the heck are those logos and why should I give a hoot?

Our Tellicherry Peppercorns are the only ones in the USA to be certified both USDA Organic and Fairtrade. Should you care? Do you want herbicides on your pepper? I think not.

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